The structure
It is made of hot-dip galvanized iron which, at the request of the customer, can subsequently be treated with adhesion promoter and special paints of customer choice colour.
Curtain walls
Made of boards of larch or fir, jammed, planed and treated with anti-worm and anti-mould impregnating agent; wall thickness 35 or 40 mm.
With tilting opening system and panes of transparent polycarbonate, openable with a handle in the lower part.
Sliding on runners or hinged, with openable upper part, handles and brass closures.
Openable for the feed service.
Made of Greek fret pattern insulating panel 40 mm thick, decorated with Greek frets in the upper part and produced with polyurethane foams; available in different versions both for colour and shape, including fake pantile. It is thus a beautiful, robust covering, safe and well insulated.
Rainwater drainage systems
Made of galvanized sheet metal and gutters combined with flashings of pre-painted galvanized sheet metal.
The standard size of a stall is 3.00 m x 3.00 m, up to a maximum of 3.50 m x 3.50 m.

Upon request, we also produce structures accompanied by a seismic stability and snow load certificate for filing with the Civil Engineers.

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